Pelatih Bali United Widodo C. Putro (tengah) saat memberikan keterangan pers seusai anak asuhnya mengalahkani PSM Makasar, Minggu (23/7/2017).

Bali United Victory Key over PSM Makassar

Bali Coach Widodo C. putra said one of the key victory of his foster children on PSM Makassar is the ability to control emotions. Moreover, dealing with PSM who bermaterikan senior players.

This is said Widodo after foster children beat PSM at I Wayan Stadium Dipta Gianyar Bali in advanced league 1, Sunday (23/7/2017).

Goal of Bali United created Marcos Flores through the penalty spot in the 57th minute, Sylvano Dominique Comvalius (72 ‘), and Miftahul Hamdi (89’).

“I emphasize the players for emotional control, so in the second half we can score goals,” said Widodo.

Foster children had provoked emotions in the first half. Evidently, the foreign midfielder Bali United, Nick Van Der Velden, rewarded a yellow card. However, conditions changed in the second half.

Bali United actually provoked the emotions of PSM players who bear fruit one red card. This opportunity utilized the home team and end the game with a score of 3-0.

In addition to emotional control factors, Widodo also emphasized foster children play attack and take advantage of opportunities.

“I always emphasize the players, take advantage of the slightest opportunity.This is football, the orientation of the match is a goal,” said Widodo.