League Club 1 Salary Arrears, Intervening Menwaa Intervention

Minister of Youth and Sports (Kemenpora) Imam Nahrawi expects all commissions in PSSI to maximize its function in controlling and verifying the club Agen Sbobet. This was conveyed after knowing the issue of salary arrears players a few clubs League 1.

Several League 1 clubs such as Arema FC, Persegres Gresik United and PS TNI are said to have financial difficulties. Even Gresik supporters have raised funds to help players who are rumored to have not received a salary for two months.

“Again when I say warning, some parties say ‘the government please do not intervene anymore.But if complaints for complaints from players, coaches have crossed the line, do not blame the government that gives more warning than a statement, Said Menpora on Monday (14/08/2017).

Imam insisted his side did not want to criticize much about the issue of wage arrears footballers. But he regretted the arrears occurred in the middle of the season. Though the whole team of participants of League 1 has passed the verification process.

“I still remember from the beginning to remind the player contract with the club must be really binding and strengthened legally.If one of them denied it must be made more effort than that,” said Imam.

Football reform explained by minister from Bangkalan, Madura is started from complaints all players who feel unfulfilled his rights. In addition, there are also community complaints looking at the referee’s mafia practices, to the absence of transparency.

“Please, because all these things do not make the government act again.All this is only reporters who complained to me,” he said.

“Actually, do not let the government intervene, just PSSI with komdisnya, Commission Referee his Commission Appeal If the entire institution can work with the maximum, I think there will be no chance of other parties playing games, ketum would know the solution like What, “said Imam Nahrawi. *