Skuad Timnas U-16 saat menghadapi Singapura pada Piala AFF U-15, Senin (17/7/2017).

Print 2 Goals Goalkeeper Singapore, Brylian Thankful

U-16 national team Indonesia 2-0 victory over Singapore in the last game Group A AFF Cup U-15 at Chonburi Campus Stadium on Monday (17/07/2017) Taruhan Bola Online.

Two goals national team driven by Brylian Negitha Dwiki Aldama in the 53rd minute and 61st.

Related to the incision, Brylian admitted grateful to be able to score two goals. He also admitted that there is still a team game that needs to be improved.

“Alhamdulillah I can score two goals and contribute to the team,” said Brylian after the match as in the release received

“However, there is still something that needs to be improved in this team, and my friends and I have to improve it with more vigorous training in the future,” he said.

U-16 national team coach, Fakhri Husaini, gave his judgment on the scorer. According to him, the appearance of a full Brylian still has not returned.

“Two goals created by Brylian did win us, but I have not seen his full performances like before we left for the tournament,” Fakhri said.

“I think Brylian can still grow later,” he said.

Captain U-16 national team, Brylian Aldama while trying to pass the players of the Philippines national team U-16
Captain of the U-16 national team, Brylian Aldama while trying to pass the U-16 national team players ( / Wijaya Kusuma)
In addition, Fakhri also responded to the game of team captain, Rendy Juliansyah, on the match versus Singapore.
“Some of the players I saw in the first half did not play what I had instructed, and I see Rendy now playing his role as team captain, team leader and I can also put him behind the striker,” Fakhri said.

“He also dared to duel, take back the ball when lost.These types of players like that I want in this team,” he said.

The success of conquering Singapore is the national team’s first win of five matches. They are ranked fifth with a collection of four points.

However, Fakhri Husaini’s team failed to advance to the next round. It has been confirmed after the national team lost to Laos in the fourth game.