U-19 TC national team in Bali, Indra Sjafri Call Overseas Players after Lebaran holiday, Indonesian national team U-19 diving training center (TC) in Bali. TC on the Island of the Gods takes place from July 4, 2017 Bandar Judi Terpercaya.

In the near future, Garuda Nusantara will play a test match against Persewangi in Banyuwangi July 8 and July 14 at the Stadium Espanyol serve Bandung Lautan Api, Bandung.

At TC calling this time, there are four players who play abroad namely Nicholas Pambudi (Spain), Samuel Christianson (Spain), Syahrian Abimanyu (Spain), and Rafid Habibie (Italy). Meanwhile, one player that is Egy Maulana following TC Timnas U-22 who simultaneously perform TC in Bali.

Indonesian national team coach of U-19 Indra Sjafri said at TC this time for finalizing the game and improve homework owned troops.

“We will correct the deficiency-kekuangan for TC in Bali. We hope the players are always focused and able to accept with good materials in each menu of our practice,” said Indra.

“At TC Bali, we call again four players who play abroad, we want to look at their abilities. Once again I reiterate that in this squad yet safe all, still no promotion and relegation in order to get the best composition in this team,” explained Coach who successfully led the U-19 national team champion AFF Cup 2013 this.

Here’s a list of U-19 national team players for TC in Bali:


1. M Riyandi
2. Gianluca Rossy
3. M Aqil Savik
4. Rakasurya Handika


5. M Rifad Marasabessy
6. Dedi Tri Maulana
8. Nurhidayat Haris
9. Rachmat Irianto
10. Julyano Nono
11. Kadek Raditya
12. Ahmad Saeful H
13. Firza Andika
14. Irsan Lestaluhu


16. Luthfi K Baharsyah
17. Teuku Noer Fadhil
19. Witan Sulaeman
20. Resky Fandi W
21. Adha Nurrokhim
22. M Iqbal
24. Feby Eka Putra
25. Jefry Bisai
26. Aulia Hidayat
27. Jadug Arya Aragani
28. Egy Maulana Vikri (Join TC National Team U-22)


29. Hanis Saghara P
30. M Rafli Mursalim
31. Deka M Toha