[Top 5] The team is worth Observed In Second Week of the English Premier League

After a festive opening weekend with 31 goals or approximately three goals per game, the second week of the English Premier League is clearly awaited by all its devotees. If last week the mainstay team to achieve good results of course they would be curious about the next step. The less fortunate because the teams were also setok three money in the hope that the three points can be achieved in the game this weekend.

A number of matches resulted in last week’s draw as a goal scoreline in Arsenal vs Leicester City clash, Watford’s draw against Liverpool with six goals, or Everton’s tough win thanks to Wayne Rooney’s only goal. And the second week is predicted to be just as excited. If you do not want to be disappointed, Football.com advises not to miss the teams match schedule below.

1. Manchester United

Second Week English League
The sharpness of Romelu Lukaku remains to be proven in the second week of the English Premier League and beyond.
United in the inaugural week seemed to make his supporters fly to the clouds. The game of liquid and gelontoran goals that have been rarely seen since his retirement Sir Alex Ferguson appear back at the Old Traffpord and then West Ham United visit. Four goals Red Devils successfully melesak into his guest’s goal and who became the main actor clearly two new recruits Romelu Lukaku and Nemanja Matic. Both play their part very well.

Although currently middle of the wind and even labeled as a serious challenger title champion, MU should be immediately grounded. Because the consistency of a key key for the league that still leaves 37 more parties. Do not let the performance of the winds that could be seen in the last season back in Paul Pogba cs. With a relatively easy opponent, Swansea City, the readiness of the Red Devils champion in the second season of Jose Mourinho in charge of being tested.

2. Chelsea

Second Week English League
The second week of the Premier League became a challenge for Chelsea who lost two senior players for a red card suspension.
As a team who wear the Premier League badge berkelir gold mark the defending champion is not deserved defeat in the first week. Chelsea last week was humiliated by Burnley at home with a score of 2-3. Things that must be sought penalasannya in the next game.

Unfortunately they must be scheduled away to Wembley which is now the headquarters of Tottenham Hotspur, the main rival last season. Actually quite difficult to see the Blues rise in the next week because two senior penggawa Gary Cahill and Cesc Fabregas underwent a red card suspension. Their chances could be bigger if they could bring in new players dramatically.

3. Huddersfield Town

Second Week English League
Will the Huddlesfield Town promotion team be back in surprise in the second week of the Premier League?
With a landslide victory three goals without reply over Crystal Palace last weekend many are hoping Hudersfield to be the new Leicester in 2017/2018. The public hopes to get back to see a surprise like when The Foxes became champion two seasons ago. Dreams are actually quite grandiose for the club who had just this promotion.

However, Leicester was also only considered one eye and that means Aaron Mooy and colleagues also have the same opportunity. With Newcastle United, a fellow promotional team, the next opponent is worth the wait for how manager David Wagner keeps the public good and the good trends of his foster children.

4. Manchester City

Second Week English League
Manchester City will face challenges from Everton, who continue to improve on the squad, in the second week of the English Premier League.
With their crazy spending this summer which has spent more than 200 million pounds sterling then it is natural if the City became the first seed champion. With Pep Guardiola who already have experience in his second year to train the Premier League club then this thought is not just an empty wish.

‘Only’ able to win over Brighton And Hove Albion’s new ride from the Championship division signifies there are still many who have not been released Blue Manchester children. More coherent cooperation between old and new penggawa expected more visible in the second week later. Moreover, his opponent will be fit to measure how far the development of Sergio Aguero cs, namely Everton is also quite active in the player market so far.

5. Liverpool

Second Week English League
Liverpool’s defense will be re-tested in the second week of the English Premier League by Crystal Palace, often a “thorn” for the Reds.
Entertaining the Palace at Anfield became a challenge for Liverpool to ward off any doubts on their defensive side. Conceding three goals from Watford in the opening weekend was a disgrace, but that can still be hurt.

Jurgen Klopp as the skipper should think of a way that his team is no longer a month-month execution of the opponent’s ball dead as when burglarized twice via set piece at Vicarage Road. If still unable to get Virgil van Dijk’s signature or any new defender at least the German coach trains Dejan Lovren and Joel Matip to be smarter in keeping the target player dead.

Palace itself could be a fitting yardstick in the back line improvement of the Reds. The reason The Eagles is quite a scourge in recent meetings. In the last 12 duel in all London bastions were able to steal seven wins and force one another to end in a draw. (Sky Sports)